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DIY dōTERRA Bath Salts

· Essential Oils
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February is the classic month to consider new ways of pampering loved ones and treating ourselves to something special, isn’t it? But in reality, these are good practices for all seasons! Let’s look at a couple of ways to luxuriate year round with dōTERRA®essential oils.

These ideas are so quick and practical, you can easily gift them to friends and family. Better yet, invite them over to make some special creations together around your cozy kitchen table.

We’ll start with a simple two-ingredient recipe. Drawing up a Lavender Epsom Salt Bath will show you how dōTERRA® can kick up the rejuvenation of bath time to a new level!

Add 10 drops Lavender essential oil to 1 cup Epsom salt.

Draw a warm bath and add ¼ - ½ cup of Epsom salt mixture to the tub.

As the Epsom salt and essential oils interact with warm water, the full body and senses will enjoy soothing benefits. Giving the mixture as a gift? Simply add a label and ribbon to a cute jar.

For a variation on this theme, try mixing up some Lavender Eucalyptus Bath Salt, which adds a couple more ingredients to the simple recipe we just talked about. This time, combine:

  •  1 cup Epsom salt
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 6 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

Mix ingredients together and store in decorative container of choice. It’s that easy! For optional added texture, you can mix in some dried lavender and/or eucalyptus botanicals.

The best part is that the essential oils in these recipes can be switched out for oils of your choosing! Experiment with your dōTERRA® favorites and listen up as your senses tell you which ones are most soak-worthy for you.