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    Essential Oils 101

    New to essential oils? This class covers the top essential oils and the most common uses.

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    Essential Oils for Women's Health

    Learn how to use essential oils for optimal women's health.

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    Essential Oils for Sports Parents

    Is your child an athlete? Learn about which essential oils to use from focus to injuries to getting the stink out of gear and so much more!

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    Essential Oils in the Athlete's Kit

    Learn how to use essential oils with your workouts.

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    Essential Oils for Survivors

    Learn how to use essential oils and essential oil products when you or a loved one gets a diagnosis.

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    Lavender Essential Oil Class

    Learn why Lavender is referred to the as the Swiss Army Knife of oils in this mini course.

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    Essential Oils for Weddings

    Learn how to incorporate essential oils for your wedding in this mini class.

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    Jodie - Essential Oil Expert

    Essentially Joyful with Jodie

    Hi! My name is Jodie Burlog Schafer and I'm so happy you are visiting my website. I live in Minnesota with my husband, our daughter, and four fur babies (two cats and two dogs). I began using essential oils in 2015 and they have been such a positive game changer in my life as well as my families.

    As a cancer survivor, I'm especially grateful that I could use my essential oils along with chemotherapy, surgeries and radiation during my fight.

    Check out these classes/workshops to learn more about the ways you can use essential oils not only for when you want to help someone who receives a diagnosis but also for wedding planning, sports & exercise, women's health, and my favorite - Lavender.

    Please reach out to me if I can answer any questions or help you get started using essential oils. I would love to help you find the right essential oil(s) for what you and your family have going on in your life - emotionally and physically.

    Thank You,